Fencing and Stepping Stone

slider-stepping-stoneGarden screens and fences are some of the most useful garden accessories and accents you can find. Any gardener can take a dull, unispired space and create a space of beauty. Place a screen in front of a poorly lit area of the garden and plant in the sunlight in front of it. Use a screen to hide a garbage can, a compost bin, an electrical box, or other “unnatural” object in your yard.  Create a corner space with a garden fence or garden edging to create a space for colorful flowers. Use your imagination with  beautiful natural cedar or charming willow.

Cedar is a natural choice because of its beauty, practicality, and durability. It is resistant to decay, insects, and weather damage.  Just leave it to naturally “weather” to a beautiful grey silvery tone in the elements.

Our willow fences are handcrafted from the finest farmed willow, which is a renewable resource. They are decorative and give your garden a touch of England.

Garden Screens and Decorative Fences

Throughout this page you will find a variety of garden fences and screens. All of our garden screens and fences are unique and affordable. Choose from corner fences, willow fences, short garden screens and much more. Click on any of our decorative fences for more details.


Wall plaques and stepping stones are the perfect garden accessories and accents for any garden. Garden wall plaques or design posts add color, visual excitement and a bit of wisdom to your garden. Set out some reflective or whimsical stepping stones here or there and wander down your own garden path.

Stepping Stones and Decorative Wall Plaques

We offer a wide selection of decorative stepping stones and unique wall plaques. Each garden stepping stone and plaque is offered at a great price and will fit in perfectly as an accent in your garden. Click on any of our decorative wall plaques and stepping stones for detailed information.